Too Few Witnesses ©

Trinity, if it is your will, Jesus please return in glory today,

bring your justice to this world, and have mercy on us sinners.


Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast” as poet William Wordsworth spoke of Mary. Mary is the perfect creation of Almighty God.  Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all the creativity of human energies in between fail in comparison with Mary. Our humble attempt to describe the many qualities and attributes of Our Lady in her Litany, surely fall short of those known to Almighty God.  Mary as it pleases you, we humbly ask for your continued intercession for a weak and sinful humanity.        Saint Juan Diego, please pray for us.

Doors open for business while the doors of the “churches” remain closed. Evil and those who seem to prevail. Fitting justice for any faithful remaining, with the indifferent, to the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated against our unborn we selfishly refused to share life with? “Population control” (abortion is still “essential” during the current pandemic) is still the clarion call of the World Health Organization, passionately defended by the abortion politicians of America. The “state” has succeeded in silencing the “churches.” Fitting justice for their years of allowing those same politicians to infect America with the virus of “political correctness” and effectively sanctioning the legal but evil low ground.

God will continue to prevail, so prepared or not, He is still in control, never us.

A very few faithful prayerful pro-life witnesses were present today in Allston.       25 April 2020

Sadly, his holiness Pope Francis seems preoccupied with alleged crimes against the planet while the truly relentless, heinous crimes against humanities really defenseless, continues unchallenged!

We are either for birth, life and liberty for our unborn or we are for their violent destruction in their mothers' womb. The world will give us a pass, the Creator will hold each and every one of us accountable! There is no middle ground and no weasel words that will save us.