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Trinity, if it is your will, Jesus please return in glory today,
bring your justice to this world, and have mercy on us sinners.
Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast” as poet William Wordsworth spoke of Mary. Mary is the perfect creation of Almighty God.  Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all the creativity of human energies in between fail in comparison with Mary. Our humble attempt to describe the many qualities and attributes of Our Lady in her Litany, surely fall short of those known to Almighty God.  Mary as it pleases you, we humbly ask for your continued intercession for a weak and sinful humanity.        Saint Juan Diego, please pray for us.

End times? Hard pressed to deny the evil exhibited by this administration, which at a half way point, has seen an explosion of corrosive cultural perversion extended to envelope even, our defenseless children! Attacking the defenseless in the womb has expanded toward the children born, but equally defenseless in the eyes of this administration. Planned Parenthood enjoys the secure protection of this administration, for its’ political and financial contributions to the Democrat Party. They share mutual security to the detriment of our Unborn and the Democrats are now openly targeting the children born, with equal vengeance. America is in the firm grip of diabolical evil and may have reach a point of no return, which this administration has enabled! Be prepared, pray always, be prepared!

The administration (Joe Biden) is poking the nuclear Bear; hoping for a confrontation with the United States? He and the rest of the world may get more that he bargained for! Seems an extremely reckless approach to peace for the Ukraine; indeed it seems exactly the opposite, IMHO.

Something very, very bad could happen which would be irreversible!