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Trinity, if it is your will, Jesus please return in glory today,

bring your justice to this world, and have mercy on us sinners.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast” as poet William Wordsworth spoke of Mary. Mary is the perfect creation of Almighty God.  Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all the creativity of human energies in between fail in comparison with Mary. Our humble attempt to describe the many qualities and attributes of Our Lady in her Litany, surely fall short of those known to Almighty God.  Mary as it pleases you, we humbly ask for your continued intercession for a weak and sinful humanity.        Saint Juan Diego, please pray for us.

Greetings students!                     Welcome back !

Where will the youth of tomorrow, students of today, take the nation?

What are they being taught that will save it from destruction?

Will they militantly embrace truth and act upon it?

Or hapless, succumb to the politically correct?

A true challenge.

Text Box: The works of the antichrist are obviously evil, yet multitudes willingly follow,
believing the cleverest diabolical lie,
that he is a Christian!

Our Nations greatest generation has


6 Mar 1857 22 Jan 1973 8 Dec 2016 10 Dec 2016

On this day in 6 March 1857, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in the Dred Scott case. Dred Scott was a slave. The court held that Scott was not free based on his residence in either Illinois or Wisconsin because he was not considered a person under the U.S. Constitution. In the opinion of the justices, black people were not considered citizens when the Constitution was drafted in 1787. The majority ruled, Dred Scott was the property of his owner, and property could not be taken from a person without due process of law. The decision rendered Dread Scott’s legal status as worthless. However, slave owners would continue to view them as politically and financially profitable until the Emancipation Proclamation finally freed them.

On this day in 22 January 1973, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in the Roe v. Wade case. The voiceless and unseen were on trial. In the opinion of the justices, (alive at every moment before their birth) our unborn were not considered citizens when the Constitution was drafted in 1787. The majority ruled and millions of lives have been violently terminated without due process of law as the decision rendered our unborn’s legal status as worthless. Their deaths at our hands became politically and financially profitable and American hardened hearts have no intention of granting them worth!

On this day in 8 December 2016 we celebrated the Solemnity of Mary’s Immaculate Conception. When Saint Bernadette asked Our Lady her name, she responded with “I am the Immaculate Conception.” A profound statement for those who question the legitimacy of the pro-life movement. Mary stated that she was Mary from the very beginning of her existence, her conception. Pro-life witnesses can take solace in upholding this doctrine of the Church in their defense of our voiceless unborn. Pro-choice witnesses attempt to justify their movement with the erroneous believe the human life only begins at birth.

On this day in 10 December 2016 in Allston Mass. pro-life voices for the voiceless assembled again in front of Planned Parenthood. Sadly the voiceless, remaining legally worthless, continued unknowingly, through deadly violence. to become financially and politically profitable to the pro-choice movement. “Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Who is your neighbor? Pro-lifers are all neighbors at conception. Childlike simple.